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The Rescue Task Force is an aggressive response to an active shooter incident that provides rapid medical treatment at the point of injury to those who have been injured. The RTF is a joint response between Police and Fire/EMS departments, but can be adapted to any agency large or small, rural or urban. The Rescue Task Force concept has been endorsed by the IAFF, NFPA, FEMA, and the Hartford Consensus II. The program Manager for our Rescue Task Force programs is one of the co-founders of this concept and has developed and implemented this program for Fire and Police Departments.


Ark Medical LLC currently provides the following Support & Equipment to various PD and FD/EMS agencies throughout the US.



  • SOP development
  • Implementation strategies
  • Program development that meets your agency resources and response area
  • Selection of gear that is suited to meet your agency needs and response



  • TECC medical training
  • Rescue Task Force operational training for PD and FD/EMS
  • Train the Trainer RTF and TECC classes
  • Ongoing/refresher training



  • Single point supplier for all the necessary ballistic and medical equipment
  • Supply Ballistic protection of many types/manufactures
  • Supply Medical equipment to meet your agency needs/requirements
  • Resupply of expired or used equipment


RTF Approved Load Out Kit

  • 1 x NIJ Level IIIA Helmet w/pad & suspension system
  • 1 x S&S Precision Plate Frame
  • 2 x NIJ Level III, Level IV ICW or Level IV Stand Alone Ballistic Plates
  • 4 x Ark Medical Gen 3 MET Tourniquets
  • 1 x S&S Precision Quadruple Tourniquet Pouch


Optional Equipment

  • S&S Precision Side Plate Carriers
  • LTC NIJ Level III, Level IV or Level IV Stand Alone Side Plates


For further information and to see how we can help your agency develop and implement the Rescue Task Force program email us at