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Ark Medical

Ark Medical LLC has a training staff that is comprised with over 25 years of austere medical experience. Instructor backgrounds consist from retired Military Physicians, SOF medics with actual theater experience, and current domestic medical operators of Police and Fire/EMS departments to bring innovated programs that strictly utilize Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) guidelines. Below are list of current programs that have been developed and implemented with brief descriptions.


Save Our Students Training (SOS) 


Ark Medical's, Save Our Students Training is a one day, 5 hour class that consists of both classroom and hands on training. Because of the simplistic nature of this program, the training consists of only the "When and How" of patient treatment and use of the medical equipment. Topics covered are Bleeding control, chest wound treatment, wound packing, pressure bandages, tourniquet usage, basic airway management, and scene management. Ark Medical's training staff will travel to your location and supply all the necessary equipment. You can read more here or contact us for further information.  


Rescue Task Force Training (RTF)

Program that was developed  for an aggressive response to an active shooter, bombing, or mass casualty incident that provides rapid medical treatment at the point of injury to those who have been injured. The RTF is a joint response between Police and Fire/EMS departments but can be adapted to any agency small, large, rural, or urban. The Rescue Task Force concept has been endorsed by the IAFF, NFPA, FEMA, IACP, DHS and the Hartford Consensus II. The Program Manager for Ark Medical Rescue Task Force is one of the co-founders who developed and implemented this program for a county Fire and Police Department.

Medical HAZTAC

Training is geared towards Law Enforcement, Military and First Responders.

Courses provide realistic, interactive hands on approach to dealing with potential hazards for responders to include;

  • Chemical Suicides
  • Labs
  • Containers
  • Unidentified Substances.

3 Tiers: Awareness, Operations and Technician Level.

Class duration is between 8 and 16 hours depending upon agency needs. Training is fully customizable upon request of the jurisdiction and the attending audience. Course is designed to be mobile and conducted on site.

Students will have the opportunity to work and train in different levels of Chemical Protective Clothing, experience life like staged events and how to integrate tactical decision making when seconds count.


Workplace Emergency Trauma Care Training (WETC)
Program that was developed for the workplace violence that is steadily on the rise. This training focus’s on employee self care or co-worker care during a catastrophic event ie. active shooter, bombing, or any other mass causality event resulting in a lock down of an area or entire facility. An immediate need for rapid medical treatment at the point of injury to those who have been injured will be given by an employee self or co-worker to deter death from occurring while waiting for a Rescue Task Force to arrive. The WETC program can be implemented in small businesses, hospitals, large corporate buildings, airports, and ultimately in schools.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Training (TECC) 
Utilizing the guidelines set forth by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) this program has two levels of training and certification. The Operations level coarse was developed for the everyday Police, Sheriff, and Fire/Ems departments and a Specialist level for those individuals who are attached to teams that are placed in environments where they must work in areas of limited resources for an undetermined amount of time.